Since 1997 a group of Amazonian residents from the community called Baltimore (Madre de Dios - Peru ) have been making a sustained effort to develop a form of ecotourism as a means of subsistence. It is a different kind of tourism, one that offers a 'living experience' as a product, and gives the visitor a chance to see the rainforest and its resources through the eyes of local residents. There are several families in the community who are willing to open up their homes to people from all over the world who want to learn about and share their way of life.

Ecotourism has been regarded as a viable economic alternative to other economic activities with associated environmental degradation, such as deforestation and the destruction of local flora and fauna.

In Madre de Dios tourism is a growing industry, but it is dominated by big and medium sized investors who are currently operating 29 tourist lodges in the Manu and Tambopata areas.

The project 'Ecoturismo con productores agropecuarios y extractivistas del Tambopata' has been running since february 2006 with the participation of CESVI and TReeS-Peru, and also the collaboration of the European Union, which has been supporting these efforts and new ecotourism initiatives by local residents.
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